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At Wellspring Centralia, we are privileged to have a team of caring and thoughtful staff members who are committed to providing exceptional care and support to our residents. Each member of our team embodies empathy, professionalism, and a genuine passion for enhancing the well-being and quality of life of those we serve. We take pride in fostering a warm and welcoming environment where residents feel valued, respected, and cared for like family. Our staff is here to ensure that every individual's needs are met with kindness, dignity, and personalized attention. Welcome to a place where compassion and dedication define our approach to caregiving.



Kari hails from Centralia, Washington, where she was born and raised. Alongside her husband and three children, Kari's family includes a cherished grandson who brings joy to their lives. Her professional journey commenced in 2013 as a Nursing Assistant Certified (NAC) within a memory care unit, marking the beginning of a fulfilling career dedicated to senior care.

Over the years, Kari's dedication and hard work propelled her ascent to the role of administrator in 2018, overseeing an assisted living and memory care facility. This role allowed her to combine her compassion for elderly care with managerial responsibilities, ensuring the well-being of both residents and staff.

In 2019, Kari's leadership was celebrated when the assisted living community under her management was acclaimed as the best in Lewis County. Furthermore, Kari received the prestigious Administrator of the Year award for Washington State, a testament to her exceptional contributions and commitment to excellence in senior care.

Kari's passion for dementia care shines through in her work, and she takes pride in the strong, enduring team she has cultivated over the years. Many of her staff members have chosen to stay by her side, forming a cohesive and compassionate group dedicated to providing exceptional care to residents under Kari's leadership.

Director of nursing


DeNage brings over three decades of dedicated experience as a Licensed Practical Nurse to her profession. She embarked on her nursing journey by earning her LPN certification at a local community college in her hometown. DeNage's career commenced at the Geriatric Psychiatric Unit of a community hospital, where she began honing her skills and compassion for patient care.

Throughout her extensive career, DeNage has cultivated expertise across various nursing domains, including Family Practice Nursing, Geriatrics, Alzheimer’s care, Complex Case Management for patients with multi-system failures, wound care, and specialized care for medically fragile children and infants. Her commitment to providing compassionate and high-quality care is evident in her approach to patient well-being and her emphasis on supporting their families during challenging times.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, DeNage finds joy in spending quality time with her husband of 20 years, their beloved dog, and their wide circle of family and friends. She is actively involved in her community, attending church regularly, and pursues creative interests such as cooking, flower gardening, crafts, and sewing, which further enrich her life outside of work.



 Erica, a native of Centralia, Washington, has dedicated her life to the compassionate care of others. Her career is marked by extensive experience in four assisted-living facilities and an adult family home. In these settings, Erica initially served as a caregiver and medical technician, providing essential support and medical care to residents. Her dedication and empathetic approach created a nurturing and supportive environment for all under her care.

However, Erica's passion for the culinary arts led her to transition into kitchen work within these facilities. This new role allowed her to blend her caregiving expertise with her love for cooking, offering a holistic approach to resident care through nutritious and delicious meals. Erica has embraced this path with enthusiasm, finding immense satisfaction in contributing to the well-being of residents through her culinary skills.

Beyond her professional commitments, Erica deeply values her family time. She treasures the moments spent with her children, finding joy and balance in her dual roles as a dedicated caregiver and a loving mother. This blend of professional dedication and personal fulfillment defines Erica's approach to both her career and her family life.

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